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Serial port hacking assembled kit?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by vincentfox, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    Is there a pre-assembled kit for adding serial ports?

    I have a WRTSL54GS that I would like to add serial ports to.

    I have identified the 2 rows of 5 pins each, that comprise the serial ports. I have found the IDC-10 connector at the local Fry's Electronics which is a perfect fit for this location. I am about to tackle soldering that on.

    Next though I need the MAX233 kit which is the circuit that does the magic of converting the 3.3V stuff to standard RS-232. I find that compsys1.com has a nice kit, but I think it is just a "kit" meaning a bag of parts. I would prefer to get an assembled unit and do less soldering.

    Any pointers to sources?
  2. Thibor

    Thibor Super Moderator Staff Member Member

  3. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    Thanks Thibor, I have contacted them.

    I was hoping to find someone selling the dual-serial kit assembled, but for now this will do.

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