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Setting up 4/5 port Wireless router as gateways/routers

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by itdaddy69, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. itdaddy69

    itdaddy69 Network Guru Member

    Hey gurus,
    does anyone know if you can set up Wrt54g 4/5 port wireless routers as say gateways in a home network for example:

    incoming cable modem

    4 lan ports

    server1/Primary Domain Controller (PDC)
    1 nic
    client 1
    1 nic

    4 lan ports

    server 2/Backup Domain Controller (BDC)
    1 nic
    1 nic

    i want to set it up like separate networks

    i am confused a bit; does anyone have a clue?
    my server 1 PDC is the DNS server in my LAN
    not my proxy server.
    i have one cable modem comining.

    i was plugging my cat 5 into the lan ports but i think it is only
    using the routers as a switch/hub and not an actual gateway router. can anyone help??

    thanks gurus


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