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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by sjkevin, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. sjkevin

    sjkevin Guest

    I need help setting up QoS such that it lets me get optimal ping in games while LIMITING ALL P2P/Streaming for everyone else. I am the only person that games regularly, and everyone else just browses/p2p/streams. I've tried most of the QoS setups on this site to no avail. At the very least, I need a way to limit the program, Thunder5. Thanks!
  2. Azuse

    Azuse LI Guru Member

    P2P can use any port making it impossible to pin down. If your router can use the RAF mod install it, set the inbound limits to 100 and most of the outbounds to the same (whatever you p2p class is ~80).

    Now go into the mac limiter and set it up evenly i.e. ensure any devices that stream video (e.g. set-top boxes) have sufficient bandwidth, then consoles (remember they need very little) and then divide the rest evenly between pcs.

    The mac limiter shares all bandwidth evenly until a limit, max or min, is reach for a single device, then divides the remainder evenly etc. It makes sure no single device can choke the line, but also that no bandwidth is wasted (and it's faster than the reg. qos). The regular qos makes sure that you're game ports go first, and since the line will never choke, you'll never lag.

    N.B. Experimentation will be required.
  3. kardzzz

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    Have you tried Toastman's latest revision on QoS setup?

    I'm also a gamer and run the QoS settings he suggested, however I could only get the setup to work properly on Victek's Latest 1.25 build not the 'labels version', maybe its miniupnp or something not working properly when running on my buffalo G-125.

    Give that setup a try if you haven't already,,, the only big amendment I made was put my xbox IP to top priority for "all ports" and let Upnp do the port mapping.
    Just make sure you have the game ports at top of the QoS priority list and put all torrents to P2P/Bulk.
  4. karogyoker

    karogyoker Addicted to LI Member

    Outbound Rate / Limit
    Max Bandwidth

    set to 50% of the real value

    Highest class -> 100% / None
    Other classes as you wish but max 100% and not none

    Inbound Limit
    Max Bandwidth
    set to 30-40% of the real value

    Highest class -> None
    Other classes -> 100%

    Games must be in the highest class, ACK and other stuff unticked

    Now you limited all the others, and yourself too, except the games, so you will never lagg

    works great for me

    if you stopped playing you can change back to normal values, so you won't limit yourself when you don't play
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