Setting up WRT54G v. 7.x

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by glen4cindy, Aug 13, 2009.

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    Have this router at my church. We also have SBC DSL for the internet connection.

    SBC users PPPoE on the modem, which means SBC determines DNS. Even when I set it on the router, it seems that the modem overrides this and uses SBC DNS servers.

    What I would like to do is use OpenDNS so we can get what I think is better DNS ***AND*** we can then make use of OpenDNS's filtering options.

    So, I can set the modem to "run PPP on the computer", which I think would only require setting the proper parameters in the Linksys's setup menu. The only thing that worries me is this statement on the MODEM setup page:

    Changing these settings may interfere with your ability to connect to the Internet.

    PPP is on the modem. This is the normal mode for this modem when connected to a single computer. In this mode, the PPP session is initiated from the modem. Gateways and routers should work in this mode but their configuration may have to be changed to do so (e.g., you may need to have the gateway/router IP address changed to

    PPP is on the computer. This mode is normally used if you need to run a PPPoE client on your PC. This mode can be used with a gateway or router which initiates a PPPoE session. To return to the DSL modem user interface you will need to directly connect your PC to the modem without any gateway or router between the modem and the PC.

    So, I don't want to hose the church's internet connection, and apparently, the only way to get things "reset" if there is a problem, is to take a PC down in the closet, hook it directly to the modem, and then change it back. Alot of trouble!

    So, is changing the modem to let the router handle PPPoE an okay thing to do? Is the Linksys Router going to be a reliable in how it handles PPPoE? The internet needs to be available full time like it is now with the modem handeling the PPPoE.

    I've never used a router to do PPPoE, so I have no experience with regard to how reliable it is. I know how to enter the settings and all, and I know what the settings are, just am worried about changing the configuration of the modem. I guess SBC does not care which device handles PPPoE, at least I would not think they would care.

    Thanks in advance for the answers I know this forum is known for.
  2. glen4cindy

    glen4cindy Addicted to LI Member

    Nobody has anything on this?

    Please help.

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