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Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by Simpleton, Apr 22, 2005.

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    My neighbor and I are great friends and generally like to game alot. We also like fast download times. My neighbor finally convinced his family that getting Comcast would be beneficial to them, and they are coming to install it shortly. I currently have Comcast, and have a wireless network setup at my house. Once we both have Comcast, if my neighbor purchased a WRT54G router, would we be able to link up the two wirelessly, sharing the bandwidth and allowing us to have a wireless network spanning both our houses. This would allow both of us to forward the ports we need to our individual computers since we would have two IPs, and we both would be able to have an increased download speed. Even if this is technically possible, would it be legally acceptable from Comcast's perspective? Seeing as we are both paying customers, I do not see why they would have an issue with it, but I am not a lawyer and I do not wish to lose my highspeed internet access especially since they are the only ISP providing it besides satellite.


    I forgot to mention that we have already for the most part sorted out the range issue. I am able to get a minimal signal in the majority of the upstairs of their house and a small section of his basement with stock antennaes. I figure that buying 7 DBi antennas should result in me reaching through their house, and moving the router further to produce an even stronger signal. My question about this is that, if I purchase these antennaes, will my neighbor have to purchase some as well, or should mine be enough to allow a decent signal between our two routers.

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