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Shibby 1.28 - One device can't get wi-fi signal when SSID not broadcast (Asus RT-N66U)

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by FlyingToaster, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. FlyingToaster

    FlyingToaster Serious Server Member

    Normally, I prefer not to broadcast my wireless SSID for extra security. Yesterday, I flashed the Shibby 1.28 Tomato firmware onto my Asus RT-N66U router. All of my wi-fi devices were able to connect until I disabled SSID broadcasting - Since then, my cell phone (an LG Optimus Slider, running Android 2.3.4) does not get a wi-fi signal from my router. When I was running the stock Asus firmware, my cell phone was able to connect even with my SSID not being broadcast. I'm not sure if the issue is with my cell phone or the Tomato/Shibby firmware, but is there something I can do in the Tomato/Shibby firmware to resolve this issue? If I have to broadcast my SSID, I suppose I can live with that, but I'd prefer not to broadcast it if possible.
  2. FlyingToaster

    FlyingToaster Serious Server Member

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