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Shibby + AC56U connect/disconnect issue and "IP Traffic" no data

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by bobyang, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. bobyang

    bobyang Serious Server Member


    I used toastman + NetGear WNR3500L and it worked perfect before with 100M/40M.

    I upgraded to 300M/100M so I switched it out and using shibby 1.28 + Asus RT-AC56U. After switching out NetGear, some people told me their internet get discounted and connected few times during busy hours (7 to 11 pm).

    I like to troubleshoot the issue, so I log into the router and try to read the historical usage but I see nothing for some logs. I just wonder if "IP Traffic" is not working yet or It is my own problem?


    Router setting:
    router IP: /
    few static machines in: to
    all DHCP in: to
    WIFI: off
    QOS: off
    WAN type: PPPOE

    Router web page> "IP Traffic":

    -Real-Time (works, click on "LAN", I can see graphics)
    -Last 24 Hours (doesn't work, click on "LAN" and see nothing)
    -View Graphs (works, I can see graphics)
    -Transfer Rates (works, I can see data)
    -Daily (doesn't work, all 0s)
    -Monthly (doesn't work, all 0s)

  2. Mercjoe

    Mercjoe Network Guru Member

    All ARM variant firmwares are late alpha/early beta.

    There are many things that are currently inoperative/partially working in them.

    Bandwidth monitoring is one of the things being worked on.
  3. bobyang

    bobyang Serious Server Member

    Got it. thanks a lot! Save a lot of time by troubleshooting my network. I am going to switch back to my old router for now.


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