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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by mythboy, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. mythboy

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    I recently got two routers, an E2500 (call it A) and M10v2 (call it B). Both of them are flashed to shibby's tomato firmware.

    Well, for A, it's easy to flash it to the newest 112 version. However, for B, it's not! Because B ONLY has 4MB ram, the webgui only allow me to flash bin file less than 3,7XX KB, which is 93 (or below) version. For firmwares which are newer, since they are usually 3,8XX or even 3,9XX KB, I always got an error says the bin file is too large when flashing from the web.

    Anyone knows how to solve this problem? Shibby published the newer version for router B, so I assume there must be some way to flash those newer version?

    Shall I use tftp to flash it? Anything I should pay attention to using tftp? Thanks!!!!

    Okay, if you skip the above question, we may go into WDS part. Correct me if I'm wrong!!

    In my opinion, if I used to have 13Mbps rate direct from router A, and I use B (which is much near with me) to construct a WDS with A. Then I can get a more "stable" connection to the router A. ("stable": because you may imagine when you only get a "sick" signal like 13Mbps, your phones may not that easily connected to A.) However, the signal it self are not enhanced, like to 144 Mbps. It just simply more stable?

    Anyway, I used A as the master router, and B as the slave one. I can see each other in the device list, showing wds0.1 or something. The quality of them are acceptable: around 45. However, sometimes, I can ping them from each other (say right after the WDS was build) but sometimes I can't reach them one from each other (say 6 hours after I build WDS).

    What did I do for the WDS:
    Router A: , DHCP 51-100.
    AP+WDS mode
    WPA personal
    WDS mac link with B

    Router B:, DHCP disable, WAN disable.
    WDS mode
    same SSID, WPA personal
    WDS mac link with A

    I wonder what happen if I change B's mode to AP+WDS instead of only using WDS???

    Is it possible that somehow I can get enhanced speed, like 144Mbps after building WDS???

    I know I got a bunch of questions. Can you guys help me with these?
    Really appreciate!
  2. mythboy

    mythboy Reformed Router Member

    OK, I at least got some answer for the questions listed above.

    I wonder what happen if I change B's mode to AP+WDS instead of only using WDS???

    ONLY WDS: your signal wont be enhanced, it seems that u directly connected to A, although you can ping A and B each other.

    AP + WDS: your signal got much better, since you actually connect to B, which is really near you!
  3. Marcel Tunks

    Marcel Tunks Networkin' Nut Member

    M10V2 firmware size - If you are using your E2500 as the gateway and the M10V2 is just a wireless AP, then you don't need new features, just a stable firmware. You can probably keep the old firmware. One of the "rules" of WDS is, once you get it working, don't touch it! (It's not standardized and breaks easily.) Shibby's builds are larger than those of others because of extra features. If you need recent firmware and don't need the extra features, you could switch to a different mod (e.g. Toastman has one that works on that router, not sure about Victek).

    WDS settings
    - you're absolutely right, setting the M10V2 to WDS only is like having a WET bridge but with more overhead. If you can't use wired, consider powerline. If you don't want powerline, use WET. If you can't use WET, use WDS - it's the last resort for most situations.
    - WPA2 works with WDS in more recent Tomato builds. If it doesn't work in your current setup, then you could consider switching the M10V2 to a recent Toastman build and try again.
    - If there are just 2 nodes then you should consider disabling STP. It also introduces overhead.

    WDS performance
    - clients wired to the M10V2 should perform well (perhaps better than wireless clients connecting to E2500 from the same location)
    - clients wirelessly connecting to the M10V2 will get no more than half the throughput
    - performs best using the same hardware and the same wireless driver in each node
    - finicky to set up, and doesn't automatically re-establish after power failure or reboot, sometimes needing simultaneous "Save" button on the Basic settings page or other heroics to get it working again
    - gets little attention from the devs because relatively few people use it
  4. mythboy

    mythboy Reformed Router Member

    Thanks, man. It really helps. I got curious why shibby published those mini firmwares specified for M10v2, but the size of the bin files all exceeded 4MB limitation... kinda wired..
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