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Simple QOS for VOIP Adaptor

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by zoldy, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. zoldy

    zoldy Serious Server Member

    Hello ... I have an RT-N16 running v1.28.7499 MIPSR2Toastman-RT K26 VPN. The QOS is feature rich but also not easy to understand (for me at least). I don't want to reserve bandwidth for certain traffic types but rather just give priority to VOIP traffic or a specific IP would be even easier for me. Anyone know how to configure this?
  2. zoldy

    zoldy Serious Server Member

    Just to clarify in case anyone thinks I am lazy and looking for the easy way. I researched this for a couple of days first. Tried a bunch of suggestions none of which worked. I think it is because the QOS is far more detailed than what I need. I likely need to dumb it down a bit for my needs. I just want to give my VOIP adapter IP priority over everything else.
  3. Porter

    Porter LI Guru Member

    How does "it doesn't work" look like? What happens?

    Keep in mind that VoIP is difficult when done over an ADSL-connection. The safety margin on the upload side has to be rather big (maybe use only 60% as the total bandwidth limit; you'll have to convert this into a real kbit number.)

    Please make sure to use the default settings. After you have done that, go to the classification page and make a new filter with the Src IP of your phone (it's the field that states "Any Address"). Enter the IP of your phone right to the field. Replace WWW by VOIP/Game. Click ok. Group this filter together with all the other filters of VOIP/Game. Click save.Go to the QoS/Basic settings page and look at the rates of your VOIP/Game class. To be on the safe side, keep in mind that _one_ VoIP-call needs 128kbit/s (It does depend on the codec though. Newer codecs need a lot less). So adjust the left percentage value accordingly. The right one should be at 90-100%. Hopefully your upstream has enough capacity for this.

    Now call somebody and watch the QoS-graphs: does the traffic of your phone end up in VOIP/Game?
  4. zoldy

    zoldy Serious Server Member

    It does not work in the sense that for example my PC connected to VPN slows down so bad its unusable. I really did not look to much further once this happened I knew something was wrong and this was using the default values. This is what it looks like when I have it configured. I am on cable for my internet not ADSL if that helps. Looking at it now maybe I have the inbound and outbound backwards? Also help me understand one thing. Just as an example if P2p is set to 5-50. does that mean it will never use more than 50 even if it is available?
  5. zoldy

    zoldy Serious Server Member

    For some reason the pic never made it here it is again...

    Enable QoS
    Prioritize small packets with these control flags ACK SYN FIN RST
    Prioritize ICMP
    No Ingress QOS for UDP
    Reset class when changing settings
    Default class
    Qdisc Scheduler
    Outbound Rates / Limits
    Max Bandwidth Limit kbit/s (Set to measured bandwidth less 15-30%)

    Service 85 - 340 kbit/s
    VOIP/Game 85 - 340 kbit/s
    Media 85 - 425 kbit/s
    Remote 85 - 1190 kbit/s
    WWW 340 - 1700 kbit/s
    Mail 85 - 1360 kbit/s
    Messenger 85 - 1360 kbit/s
    FileXfer 85 - 1360 kbit/s
    P2P/Bulk 85 - 850 kbit/s
    Crawl 17 - 85 kbit/s
    Inbound Rates / Limits
    Max Bandwidth Limit kbit/s (Set to measured bandwidth less 15-30%)

    Service 650 - 13000 kbit/s
    VOIP/Game 650 - 13000 kbit/s
    Media 650 - 13000 kbit/s
    Remote 650 - 13000 kbit/s
    WWW 2,600 - 13000 kbit/s
    Mail 650 - 13000 kbit/s
    Messenger 650 - 13000 kbit/s
    FileXfer 650 - 13000 kbit/s
    P2P/Bulk 650 - 13000 kbit/s
    Crawl 130 - 650 kbit/s
  6. zoldy

    zoldy Serious Server Member

    I am starting to see why everything is slow. I test another system not on VPN and same issue. It seems everything is being classified as crawl?
  7. cloneman

    cloneman Addicted to LI Member

  8. zoldy

    zoldy Serious Server Member

    No I am on Cable. QOS in general is not functioning as I expect. Not just VOIP
  9. Porter

    Porter LI Guru Member

    zoldy: If everything is being classified as Crawl, there is a major problem and a feactory reset might be in order. On the other hand it isn't unusual that VPN traffic is unclassified. To be honest I haven't looked into that problem. Probably has to do something with the way the packets get marked. I'm not using VPN, but I have a feeling that this traffic might not be TCP/UDP traffic. If somebody knows exactly which protocol is being used, please come forward. It should be easy to design a filter then.

    Please try some other traffic first; upload a file or an email with an attachment and see if this traffic shows up in the right class.
  10. zoldy

    zoldy Serious Server Member

    I think I might just leave QOS alone for now as my VPN is more important to me. Perhaps revisit when I have more time to play with it.
  11. cloneman

    cloneman Addicted to LI Member

    VPN Can use both TCP and UDP, it's probably being flagged incorrectly.

    When doing QoS troubleshooting, start with very broad rules like "all udp traffic" and observe what happens to the classification via the graphs page. You can monitor connections in real time and see what ports and protocols they are using. Also make sure 'reset classification when changing rules' is checked.
  12. joew1

    joew1 Serious Server Member

    Porter, I sent you another reply on another post. This is SteveF but I had to create another ID because SteveF disappeared from the forum alongside with the post I started: QoS versus BW Limiting. Do you have any idea what may have happened? A meltdown in the forum maybe. Or, if I am paranoid, I would say the guy might have done something. I do not know how you can get in touch with me since SteveF seems to have gone with the email address. i will open a new post under joew1.


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