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Site to Site vpn using a PIX515 and WRV54G

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mrbill, Sep 17, 2004.

  1. mrbill

    mrbill Network Guru Member

    I am considering buying a WRV54G to establish a site to site vpn from my home to the office where there is a cisco pix 515.

    Has anyone done this configuration and if so do you have an example?

    Also is there any issue with running a split tunnel funciton on the WRV54G to make it so I can access the Internet as well as trasverse a tunnel back to the office/PIX location?

  2. Demonic

    Demonic Network Guru Member

    Stay away from the WRV54G

    I would stay far far away!

    You would be much better off with RV042. It's more stable and alot less issues.

    I had a WRV54G and the VPN is broken. You can connect if you specify the IP on the other end. You can't have the remote client connect if he has a dynamic IP.

    I called Linksys to have my router replaced with the RV042 and the tech on the other end said:"The WRV54G is the worst piece of crap Linksys ever built".

    That tells you alot about it.

    Take care,

  3. mrbill

    mrbill Network Guru Member

    Thanks much D. I had heard some feedback from a few folks on this box but wanted to confirm.

    So if I went with the RV042, is there another box you would recommend for the wireless side to support both 802.3b and g users since the RV042 doesn't support the WLAN side.


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