slow data transfer speeds with WRT54G router

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by nick_harambee, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. hello

    i have had this router (i presume version 1 as there is no version info on the router) for a couple of years, but up until now i haven't had to use it for transfering data between two pcs. now that i am trying this i find that data transfer rates are slower than expected - around 50-60MB/min which if my calculations are correct is about 7-8 Mbps, which is a far cry from 54 Mbps. i understand that i shouldn't expect to get close to 54 Mbps, but this isn't very close at all. on both pcs the connection speed is 54 mpbs and the signal strength is excellent.

    in response to a question i asked on experts exchange i was told that this was a known issue with this router and that i needed a firmware upgrade, but having contacted linksys tech support today, i was told that this was not a known issue and that thus i should be cautious about running a firmware upgrade.

    i would be grateful if someone could shed some light on this


  2. dzimi666

    dzimi666 Guest

    slow file transfer

    I have wrt54G
    Problems i had with my router:
    1. Wireless crashing while transfering files.
    2. Slow file transfer: about 300kBps.

    how did i get rid of them:
    I have installed newest beta firmware 4.07 high code.
    After that my wireless didn't crash anymore. But the speed was very slow.
    I thought it was also router issue, but couldn't find any solution for that. So i strated looking for answer in my laptops wireless card settings.
    I changed:
    -Afterburner to enabled,
    -(the option which is right below chanel number) to high preformance
    mode IBSS 54g to 54g efficacy
    bluetooth to Disabled
    roaming to wide band

    I think thats all. Sorry for my english :D
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