Small-ish router for travel, Tomato (maybe DD)

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by beagle72, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. beagle72

    beagle72 New Member Member


    I know this type of question comes up occasionally but models change frequently. I'd like a compact size router to take on trips - but it does not need to be one of those tiny matchbook sized routers which seem to have so-so reliability.

    For example the F7D4302 is "paperback size" and that would be fine. But this router is a bit old by now. I like that it is dual band - this makes it easier to setup a wireless repeater with hotel wifi captive portals.

    Any newer routers that would fit the bill? I'd kind of like detachable external antennas if possible. Obviously there are many routers with these features, I just want to identify models on the smaller size of the normal range, if that makes sense!

  2. RichtigFalsch

    RichtigFalsch Networkin' Nut Member

  3. xtacydima

    xtacydima LI Guru Member

    although currently sold out and out of stock at the time of posting this, check the gargoyle router shop they have a very small tiny portable unit with good range, and the firmware is very solid with many advanced features. It is after all a cool add-on to open-wrt so to speak
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