So, How Hot Will It Get? WAP54G Outdoor Enclosure

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DaveMcLain, Jun 12, 2008.

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    At my house I have a WAP54G, POE module and a Hyperlink 100mw amplifier mounted inside of a weather proof plastic enclosure I bought at Lowes'. The cables going in (ethernet) and antenna lead are sealed with silicone. I had to remove the enclosure from the WAP so that it would all fit comfortably inside of the box. It sits outside just as it has for the past several months and it's connected to a Hyperlink 24Db dish antenna. I pick up my internet connection from a friend about 1/3 of a mile away through trees etc. It's working fine but I was concerned about how high the temperature would get inside of the box on a hot day so I decided to find out... What I did was take a wireless thermometer unit that I normally have mounted under my back porch to sense the outside temperature and send it to the inside unit(just one of those you can buy at Wal Mart etc and I put it inside of the enclosure and then screwed the lid down tight again.

    I did it last night and right now this morning it's about 70 degrees outside and my thermometer is measuring about 85 degrees. It's supposed to get to 90 degrees outside today so lets see how high the temperature goes. The unit is in a somewhat shaded area as afternoon comes around so let's see if it stays at 10-15 degrees above outside ambient air temperature. If so, I don't think the WAP will ever have a problem.
  2. DaveMcLain

    DaveMcLain Network Guru Member

    This afternoon I came home from work and checked the temperature on my WAP54G that's mounted in the sealed enclosure and placed outside. Right now it's 87 degrees outside and my thermometer says 96 degrees inside of the enclosure. Not too bad. It's not sitting in the sun during the afternoon so that must give it an opportunity to not continue to heat up throughout the day. I had it set up with some streaming audio from the internet so it was working all day long.

    Last summer I had this same device installed as a repeater up in the attic of my garage and it didn't have any problems and I KNOW it was a LOT hotter than 100 degrees up there.

    I thought this was quite interesting and I'd say that if it was mounted in a place where the sun shines all day long something like a simple shield made from aluminum to deflect the sun and keep it off of the enclosure could be all it needs to keep it happy.

    I know it will get hotter here this summer, probably about 100 degrees one of those day will really put it to the test. What results have you guys had with this sort of thing?
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