SPA2002 Simultaneous G729a calls

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Synapseattack, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Hello,

    I have been doing my research on the Linksys PAP2 as an option to use for my company when I came accross this line in the 2004 PAP2 Administrator Guide published by Cisco:

    A codec resource is considered as allocated if it has been included in the SDP codec list of an active call, even though it eventually may not be the one chosen for the connection. So, if the G.729a codec is enabled and included in the codec list, that resource is tied up until the end of the call whether or not the call actually uses G.729a. If the G729a resource is already allocated and since only one G.729a resource is allowed per PHONE ADAPTER, no other low-bit-rate codec may be allocated for subsequent calls; the only choices are G711a and G711u. On the other hand, two G.723.1/G.726 resources are available per PHONE ADAPTER. Therefore it is important to disable the use of G.729a in order to guarantee the support of 2 simultaneous G.723/G.726 codec.:thumbdown:

    Needless to say since I need to make dual G729a calls over a device this took the PAP2 our of the running for me. I was wondering if the SPA2002 suffered from the same problem or if in fact it is a non-issue.

    I am waiting for a call back from Linksys, but while I wait I figured I would ask here also.

  2. bsandiford

    bsandiford LI Guru Member


    To my knowledge, most of the SPA devices can't handle multiple G.729 calls. I have tested this on SPA942 and SPA2102. Not sure about the SPA962.

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