SPA3102 PSTN Incoming call noisy, outgoing OK

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by magnum, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. magnum

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    Am running a new SPA3102 with asterisk and I find that when dialing IN through the PSTN line, and listening to a recorded message there's a lot of hum and it sounds like total crap.

    But, when dialing out via the PSTN and leaving a message on an outside voicemailbox, it sounds pretty decent. I would think it ought to be using the same connections, sound is going the same direction-- so I don't get quite why it's so funky on incoming calls.

    One wildcard is, the PSTN line I'm using is at this point a phone line from a Vonage box-- I don' t have a *real* land line at this point but I am testing the configuration and ultimately would like to use it to screen calls. Eventually I plan to eliminate vonage and do the whole thing directly with the SPA3102, but I'm still learning how it all works and I have to have a reliable phone in the meantime. At the moment I'm not using a provider with the SPA3102 at all, other than a little Ubuntu box running Asterisk.

    The whole point of the exercise is because I really need serious caller ID screening, a feature that Vonage is way behind on. I'm not going to wait but will roll my own, but the sound quality is so crappy that I can't use it as is...

    Any ideas of configuration changes I could make that could improve the sound? I tried messing with the preferred codec, the FXS port impedance, turning off "echo canc adapt enable" and "silence supp enable" but none of this made a significant difference. I also tried changing the cable between the PSTN port and the Vonage box. What I don't get is if there's hum from the connection there should be when I dial out thru the PSTN and leave a message just like there is when I dial into the PSTN and listen to a message...


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