SSID specified but DHCP being pulled from AP with > signa

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by toddp, May 4, 2005.

  1. toddp

    toddp Network Guru Member

    (Final version of Alchemy)

    OK, here's the problem,

    1st WRT in Client Mode with SSID specified to connect to 2nd WRT in AP Mode.

    If a 3rd AP with a totaly different SSID is in the area with a stronger signal, the Client Mode WRT recieves its DHCP parameters from this 3rd AP regardless of the fact that its SSID is set to match the 2nd AP's SSID.

    Anybody know why?
  2. Disman_ca

    Disman_ca Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Re: SSID specified but DHCP being pulled from AP with > s

    Try forcing the client to connect to you 2nd router by adding this to your rc_startup
    /usr/sbin/wl join SSID
    As for why, sorry can't anser it asside from guessing the client will just try to connect to the first AP it finds.
  3. findel

    findel Guest

    Strange... Any wireless client can stick to a SSID so if that AP loses power, connectivity or has some problem the client wont connect to the first thing it finds unless u have roaming enabled on it.

    The problem is I need fixed SSID association because I have a small outdoor wireless network and I need to change equipment very often so, if I need to replace my AP's for some reason (upgrading, damage, etc) the only thing I need to do is to change the old device with another AP with the same SSID.

    I think u can force the WRTXXX Client Mode to connect to a SSID + MAC Address but that will need us to reconfigure all the WRTXXX clients with the MAC of the new AP device everytime something's wrong (a pain in the XXX).
    Ive been trying some WL commands but it wont work.
    These are cool devices with amazing software but useless for me until I find out how to do this.
    Desperate.... :p
  4. toddp

    toddp Network Guru Member

    Good News!!

    Discovered that the DD-WRT Talisman Prefinal4 does not have this problem.

    Hello and Thank You DD-WRT
  5. sdy_moscow

    sdy_moscow Network Guru Member

    This is old bug from pre 7a release. Seems sveasoft decide do not fix it :). DD-WRT is cool !
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