static dns being passed to dhcp clients

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by osoell, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. osoell

    osoell LI Guru Member

    I'm on a cable provider that likes to direct you to their search page on dns "no host found" scenarios so I'm using the old BBN name servers (4.2.2.x) as static dns servers on my tomato (just upgraded to 1.25).

    These (3) servers are being handed down to my dhcp clients, along with my router's address as dns servers, totaling 4 dns servers that the clients see.

    However, I use dnsmasq and have a local domain, and so only my own router can serve that out.

    How can I prevent the static dns servers from being passed down to my dhcp clients? I am probably just missing some option somewhere.

  2. averylinden

    averylinden LI Guru Member

    I thought Tomato's behavior was to do what you want by default. Make sure advanced->dhcp/dns->Use Received DNS With Static DNS is not selected.
  3. osoell

    osoell LI Guru Member


    Ha! Yea, my bad. It was working all along - I had added the same servers to my laptop locally. Other dhcp clients on my network are working as expected. Thanks!
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