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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by jdoyle, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. jdoyle

    jdoyle Serious Server Member

    I'm not sure I'm setting QOS correctly. My primary concern is my Vonage VoIP connection and DNS traffic get priority over everything else. Next would be WWW traffic and finally everything else. I have up to 5 computers on this connection but not much P2P. Mostly streaming video and WWW traffic. One computer does online backups which caused VoIP issues before I started using QOS. I also VPN to work so this might need to be prioritized over bulk traffic.

    Current setup

    1. My link speed tests at 24 mbps down and 3.4 mbps up consistently with QOS turned off.

    2. I set the MAC address of the Vonage adapter to highest and set DNS to highest. I set WWW to high, and WWW 512k+, DNS 2k+, bulk traffic to medium. The default class is medium.

    3. I set the outbound limit to 2500 and set highest 80/100, high 10/100, medium 10/100 the rest are none/none

    4. The inbound limit is 16500 and highest is none, high 100, medium 80

    Is 16500/2500 too low for a 24000/3400 connection? It seems like a lot of spare bandwidth. And how do I control the inbound to give VoIP priority since I use a source MAC for the class. I don't see anywhere that a inbound class can be created. It says Outbound Direction at the top of the class page.

  2. Toastman

    Toastman Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Since you refer to "medium" class, I assume you are using an old version of Tomato. QOS has been greatly improved with the addition of proper ingress, I suggest you upgrade to my recent build. Please erase NVRAM when you flash and reconfigure your router - don't try to use the old config. You can copy your old client lists etc. by the method shown here:

    You will see there are a great many QOS rules by default on the new version. They are there as examples for you to study and change of necessary, but they will work well for the majority of people, I use them to control traffic in apartment blocks with many strange applications running as well as P2P.

    Study the forum for extra information on setting QOS and Bandwidth. This thread may be of interest too, especially since you use VOIP!
  3. jdoyle

    jdoyle Serious Server Member

    Thanks Toastman, I'll try the newer version.
  4. Cynsick

    Cynsick Addicted to LI Member

    Toastman I saw that thread, that is AWESOME, I used to just take screenshots of each page that I thought I needed then I would manually type each thing but this is better. My question is how do I grab that config.txt file out of the router? I typed get config.txt but that said:

    root@unknown:/tmp/home/root# get config.txt
    -sh: get: not found

    Also the topic(s) on the saving the settings should be in its own stickied thread!

    edit: I'm using SSH thru PuTTY. Also how do we upload the file back into the system to restore the settings and what command is issued for restoring?
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