Succeed in setup WDS,but still have some question,Pls help.

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by wrt54gs, May 8, 2005.

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    Hi all ,
    Today I setup WDS with 2 WRT54G V2.2 successfully. Both routers were flashed with HyperWRT v2.1b1. But I still have some questions ,Please help me to answer.

    My NetWork MAP like this:

    Cable Modem---WRT54G(A) (((--WDS+WEP--))) WRT54G(B) -----Wired PC

    I followed the Sticky Thread" WDS with HyperWRT v2.1b1":
    1.Setup Same Mode (G Only)
    2.Same SSID
    3.Same Channel
    4.Same WEP Encryption
    5.Disable B Router DHCP
    6.Set B Router IP:

    then I enter following On WRT54G(A)
    a. wl lazywds 0
    b. wl wds BB:BB:BB:BB:BB:BB (B Router MAC Address)

    Save and close then Reboot.

    Notice:At this time I didn't enther following on WRT54G(B) , B router was power off but connect to PC by Lan.

    Strange is When I power on B Router. Wired PC automatic get IP address from Router A and I could surf internet .

    Although I could surf internet ,But I still did the last setp that I enter following On WRT54G(B)
    a. wl lazywds 0
    b. wl wds AA:AA:AA:AA:AA:AA (A Router MAC Address)

    Q1:Is it necessary to do the last setp? If yes but why I could surf internet before I did the last setp. Could someone explain the command.

    Q2:Both Router enabled Upnp , but From wired pc I could't find any UPNP device from Router A and B. UPNP is ok when PC directly connect to Router A. So What should I do?

    Q3:I knew that WDS would cut off bandwidth , But If pc connect to Router B by wired ,will bandwidth be cut too ? and how about wireless PC ?

    Q4:should I disable firewall, VPN and etc on Router B ?

    Any reply is appreciated.
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