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Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by ixian, Sep 18, 2005.

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  1. ixian

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    no flames or GPL issues
    This complain does not address GPL issues, please keep those to the more appropriate channels.

    This is an topic that follows up on an previous thread posted in the beginning of this summer.
    Linksysinfo thread

    I am an former linksys customer living in Norway, and since Norway is close to Sweden both geographically and legally(almost an identical legal system) I have taken upon me the task of sending an complaint to the swedish consumer protection agency.Since the Swedes have one of the strictest consumer protection laws in the world, and since James Ewing and sveasoft in reality is run from sweden they are subject to swedish law. Swedish law is quite clear that if an substantial portion of the money an firm generates ends up in Sweden, and/or if an substantial portion of the work performed is done in Sweden the whole of an firm/legal entity is bound by Swedish law regardless of where it's registered.
    If the swedish consumer protection agency concludes that at least one of the claims in the letter is valid Sveasoft AB is in for som shitload of trouble!

    I have written an letter stating 5 claims that will be sent to the Swedish consumer protection agency, and I am now asking for people willing to be cosignatories to the letter. IF you were an sveasoft customer that got kicked out and agree on at least _one_ of the claims, please contact me on my email adress
    I will then forward an PDF file of my letter and an PDF of an short letter you can sign and send by snailmail to the Swedish consumer protection agency to support my claim. Unfortunately this has to be done by snailmail, the swedish consument protection agency can't act on anything other than complaints written on the dead-tree medium.

    Regarding claim 4.
    I have tried to get sveasoft to answer where their firm is based/operate. So far I have recieved no replies to any questions I have asked them. I asked where they were based/registered on the 28 of july 2005, and still hasn't gotten an reply almost two months later. Allthough I might get one the instant James Ewing finds out about this topic. :eyebrow:

    Claims against sveasoft AB

    1.unlawful marketing
    Sveasoft claims to offer subscribers an unlimited access and support to their software for an whole year. But their unilatterally practice of canceling subscriptions they are in practice offering an _limited_ access and _limited_ support subject to their whims and arbitrary decisions.

    2. unfair consumer contracts
    They offer no separate contract to paying subscribers, nor do they inform that their services are subject to sweden's consumer and marketing laws. Nor do they state clearly that they will excercise the right to cancel subscriptions if an subscriber are critical towards them or mention the names of an competior on their website.
    In addition The Terms of Service agreement is onesided and offers their customers no rights as an consumer.

    3. breach of contracts
    If Sveasoft claims an fair contractual relationship is implied, sveasoft AB are behaving contrary to common legal sense by canceling contracts and in many cases refusing to return the remainder of the subscription fee.

    4. deceptive(possible fraudulent) behavior:
    By unilateraly canceling the subscription of critics, and not informing at all times how to unsubscribe they are deceptive at best, and fradulent at worst. Refusing to give out their business address or answer wheter they are an swedish based firm lends strength to this assumption.

    5. Anti competitive behavior :
    By censoring and banning critics or people mentioning their competitors like they are attempting to limit competition and stop consumers from getting an fair and balanced view of their products. They are in practice trying to stop consumers from finding out that competing products does exist.

    Please, if you are an former sveasoft customer and support at least one of these claims, please email me at

    Heikki Soerum aka IXian.
  2. Toxic

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    Please reply directly to ixian via email or PM. do not start a debate about this here. :police:
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