Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NetrixTardis, Jan 18, 2005.

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  1. NetrixTardis

    NetrixTardis Network Guru Member

    so, yesterday, i decided to check out the forums on
    just to see how things were progressing. i log in, and find out that my account got banned; nice, no email, no message saying why, and such. All i've done is not payed the $20 to the Alchemy.. hell, as it is i'm just waiting for it.. i'm still using the Linksys firmwares.. come to find out, that little prick not only disabled my account, but banned my IP from his server. what's the point of telling your potential customers to "fuck off"?
    Sveasoft (James Ewing); grow up. i'm not one of your customers, you want to tell me something by banning my account? just leave me an email. i would have gladly taking myself off your damn forums, but by not only doing that, you banned my IP? that's good; shows how mature you are trying to sell your product. i guess i won't be using your software afterall. since you don't want my business, i'll just take it somewhere else. my email is listed with my profile. you want to send me an email, fine.

    Sorry if this seems out of the area. i would have bothered to get James Ewing's email, but guess what? the prick banned me from his site!
  2. Morpheus

    Morpheus Network Guru Member

    he has banned me two :twisted:
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I was banned also...

    Lastnight and this morning I went there to read through the forums and search the google sites about various firmwares for my wrt54gs and what would be best.... reading reading reading..... and that was all.... and later today... i was banned.

    I actually went to paypal last night to pay him the $20 and found that i did not have a verified card attached to the account... the one in the account had expired. otherwise i was going to pay him for his work on on the project.

    It looked like Sveasoft firmare was going to do what I wanted/needed. I have two broadband (cable & wireless) connections and i wanted to configure with ospf so that i can use both togehter.... now i have to look at the rest of the ones out there.... I will not support a child other then my own two.


    he lost me as a customer.... and i am sure more will follow the he will lose because of his childish games. Heck my 4 year old son acts more mature!!!!

    Bye Bye Sveasoft...

    ~ Banned

    PS: Now I am looking at:

    m0n0wall (non-wrt54g)
    Astaro (non-wrt54g)
  4. jdepew

    jdepew Administrator Staff Member Member

    Hey guys, lets keep things civil.

    But, we do have suport forums for the Satori firmware, and the Alchemy ones will open once it is released to the public.

    Lots of knowledgable people to draw on from around here - enjoy!
  5. NetrixTardis

    NetrixTardis Network Guru Member

    i am keeping it civil. but as this is now getting on days past this, i'm starting to feel i deserve an apology from that guy. that's all.
  6. jdepew

    jdepew Administrator Staff Member Member

    try sending him a PM through this site.
  7. NetrixTardis

    NetrixTardis Network Guru Member

    there is an email waiting in his inbox from me. waiting on his reply. tho from other places, looks like i'm not the only one waiting for some kind of explanation for this kind of behavior.
  8. imrf

    imrf Guest

    He did the same lame thing to me. I had a free account just to watch the status of his firmware and see how the prgress was. I was just a lurker there. Today I decided to go there and look around some more and found out my account was banned. On a hunch I went back to his site to find out he actually banned my IP address too. Using an anonymous proxy service the site loads up fine, and also using a friends internet connection as well. He really needs to grow up and just code his firmware, not troll across different boards and banning people who dislike his pratices(going from a completely free firmware to a pay model).
  9. Lazybones

    Lazybones Network Guru Member

    Yep, when you get banned there they ban your IP from the whole site.

    On the plus side he did refund my subscription when I was banned.

    Tip for anyone who still has access to that site, don't post your opinion. It will result in an instant ban without warning.

    I did try and resolve the issue and it resulted in an email exchange that just sort of never went anywhere.

    He refunded my subscription the moment he banned me, so I decided it wasn't worth my time to try to get back in. I will simply wait for the public release like everyone else.
  10. NetrixTardis

    NetrixTardis Network Guru Member

    so, afterspending the last weekl in #Sveasoft on Freenode, i have come to realize i need to get over it. grumpydog in that chat was nice enough to attempt to help me (at first), as directed, i send off emails to his address and to a unlisted email address, presumable the privat email of James Ewing. still haven't received a reply back. as instructed i waited a few days. one morning, grumpydog asked me a question. i was not home. when i returned home to my PC i replyed to his question. following that the man decided to treat me like a 2 year old in the channel because he was having a bad day, and he needed to have dinner. i was "warned" and threatned to be kicked/banned because i didn't appease him.
    That's it. i've made up my mind now. i'm not going to sit on the sidelines and take it. Sveasoft and co are really just a bunch of greedy, power-hungry kids that have NO professional manner. as far i'm concerned, i don't care why i was banned. from now on, i will do my best to recommend other software to people, and if they have to use Sveasoft, to make sure they *don't* pay, and fuck if i care if that is considered stealing. Sveasoft doesnt even deserve to get paid for this crap.
  11. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Please take note to ALL users of the FREE SITE HERE>

    bitchin on this forum doesn't help either. I suggest talking it out on yourself, or doing something else than airing your grievences here in an open forum for all to see.

    This site was not made for you and your opininions of someone elses site.
    it is a site to discuss perblems with your router day to day useage. if your having problems with sveasoft then what should you do?

    perhaps email pm him. but let me warn you. pissing him off as well wont get you anywhere. try to be civil and polite about it.

    pissing me off get people banned as well so dont do it here.

    swearing even though I can censor words, will result in being banned here if the occasion arises.

    topic is now locked and awaiting people to get banned if they want to be.

    the choice is yours. your actions cause reactions.
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