Sveasoft Firmware slow down the wireless throughput!?

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by eric982, Aug 6, 2004.

  1. eric982

    eric982 Network Guru Member

    Initially, I was trying to test the wireless throughput after I enabled the speedbooster setting in my WRT54G and I found out that the throughput with sveasoft firmware is slower than the original WRT54G firmware.

    I used Netiq Chariot to compare the throughput between one wired computer and another wireless computer. With the original firmware, I set to G-only mode and have frame burst enabled. With the sveasoft one, I set to afterburner only and also have frame burst enabled. Here is the result:

    Firmware _____ Average (Mbps) ___ Max (Mbps)
    satori ________ 17 _____________ 19
    alchemy ______ 17 _____________ 19
    2.04.3 (G) ____ 25 _____________ 29
    2.07.1 (GS) ___ 29 _____________ 34

    Comparing sveasoft's 17Mbps to GS' 29Mbps, that is more than 50% faster with the linksys GS firmware. Could anyone run a similar test and verify my findings?
  2. Couledouce

    Couledouce Network Guru Member

    It would be interesting to see other tests, I'll try this week end, but then again do I want to play flip/flop with my firmware versions?

    I find it hard to believe that with the same features set I will get different results. I am assuming that Sveasoft doesn't waste time re-coding existing features but instead concentrates on adding new ones. So with the same settings we are essentially running the same code...

    I suppose only a well controlled test will prove anything...
  3. enochcheng

    enochcheng Network Guru Member

    My wireless connection also becomes slower when using sveasoft's firmware in myWRT54G, comparing with using the HyperWRT one
  4. Avenger20

    Avenger20 Network Guru Member

    All these added features in sveasoft firmware consume RAM and CPU power and that will result in a lower throughput.
    You could try to disable them, but I'm not sure if it would help.
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