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Talisman/Basic 1.2.6 Released!

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by Disman_ca, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Disman_ca

    Disman_ca Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    New hardware support:
    Buffalo Technology WLI-TX4-G54
    Linksys WRT150N
    ASUS WL500W

    Talisman/Basic V1.2.6 Change Log

    • Upgraded iptables to V1.3.7
    • Upgraded Busybox to 1.4.1
    • Upgraded Linux kernel to
    • PPPoE - fixed MTU issues
    • DHCP Client - lengthened timeout to 8 seconds
    • Wireless - SSID broadcast issues fixed
    • Wireless Survey - tuned and expanded
    • ADM6996L - fixed 10 Mb issues with this old Ethernet controller
    • Clone MAC - fixed PC MAC set to zeroes
    • DHCP Server - fixed IP address range
    • VLAN - added to Access Restriction menu
    • Load Balancing - fixed error in interface configuration
    • Loopback - fixed broken firewall when unchecked
    • Backup/Restore - added WVLANs, VLANs, Access Restrictions, Static Hosts
    • WZR-G300N - reset button works now
    • WL500GP - fixed port mapping issue
    • USA & Canada Daylight Savings Time updated
    • Western Australia time zone added with DST
    • Extended web password to more than 8 characters
    • Reverted to older (i.e. working) PPTP iptables modules
    • Fixed SIP module loading bug
    • Fixed P2P filter bugs in Access Restrictions
    If you would like to try it out or want more info please go to http://www.sveasoft.com. It should be noted Sveasoft has a yearly support subscription model of $20 which is required before accessing any Talisman firmware images.

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