telnet password WVC54G ?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by merlin25, May 7, 2005.

  1. merlin25

    merlin25 Network Guru Member


    does anyone know the telnet password for the WVC54G ?? Upgrade firmware to v2.11, "telnet" prompt with username/password, but default (root/admin or admin/admin) does not work. Any idea ??


  2. iendicott

    iendicott Network Guru Member

    Sorry are you trying to upgrade the firmwaer to 2.11 ? If so navigate to the camera and click setup, then when you have logged on click on help and there is an item to upgrade the firmware there.
  3. merlin25

    merlin25 Network Guru Member

    No, v2.11 is running and upgraded the normal way (web gui).
    I just want to see if more is possible, a first step is to get access to the system ... and that's possible with telnet ... if you have the password ;-)
  4. jamaz

    jamaz Network Guru Member

    Hi Merlin,

    I've the same question. I can't access the WVC54G by telnet. What is de username / password to get access ??

  5. barwis

    barwis Network Guru Member

    Isn't it the same as admin username and pass for the webinterface?
  6. JoPa

    JoPa Network Guru Member

    Let me know when you find out. I've been wondering about that myself, hoping to find some diagnostic messages inside that embedded Linux OS because most of them are not displayed on the Log page of the Web interface. It's pretty hard to figure out why the email alert doesn't work if you don't see any error messages from the webcam. I asked for that login password (I assume the UID would be "root") from Linksys, but I haven't heard from them yet. So I keep my fingers crossed ...
  7. merlin25

    merlin25 Network Guru Member

    @ barwis
    If it would be that easy I hadn't post the question here.

    @ JoPa
    I've still have not the password, looking in the source code you see that the password stored in shadow file, with John it would take ages to crack. But I found interesting link to hacked WVC54G firmware, added OLSR daemon and reset root password to "admin" for telnet access. Maybe a first step. Here's the link

  8. JoPa

    JoPa Network Guru Member

    I don't need OLSR, plus I would really hesitate upgrading my firmware with something from a hacker who may have put who-knows-what in the code. Interestingly, since I downgraded from 2.11 to 2.07 where the email alert works, the telnet is rejected. You don't even get to the point where you are prompted for User Id and Password. Well, maybe the next version ... BTW, do you know which version that OLSR hack is based on?
  9. Hirc

    Hirc Guest

    This thread seems to have died off before any resolution was made. Has anyone got an idea how to get the answer? I have the same problem that *lots* of others have with the email notification failing after the firmware upgrade to v2.11

    I would *really* like to get inside the machien and poke around. The server reports Linux 2.4.19 as the host OS, and is listening for telnet requests but none of the usr/pwd combos I'm aware of (inlcuding the ones I created for accessign the cam via the web server) work for telnet.

    PLEASE someone tell me you have figured this one out ?!? :?:
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