The doomed loaded topic.. lets talk E4200v2

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by gallegosusa, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. gallegosusa

    gallegosusa Network Newbie Member

    FORWARD - To start off, this is a honest idea, a personal opinion, and yes coming from a total N00b

    So if you are just going to cross talk, troll, neg on everything; please go somewhere else

    I am not here to demand or even expect further development, but wanted to get a thread started on it! :D


    So yeah , I know and get it is all about the v1 -
    I f-ing have 23 in my control running some amazing tricks,
    Spread everywhere from various small businesses and personal clients of mine.

    But now it seems impossible to realistically get my hands on a v1 and I am sitting on 2 v2 duds.
    Yeah that's right the box packaging, price and vendor all should have been a v1 and nope.... :(

    I was hoping to keep on with my favorite hardware, it's one of my favorite WDS boxes out there.
    Aftermarket firmware is what I need and I would love to be able to keep on going with what I do now.

    So being that I am a noob in some areas I was curious and need to ask?

    Where are we as a community, at obtaining a realistic path to having a Tomato or WRT released for this?

    I've been following this guy's work here, seemed like maybe he hit a wall with the driver?

    Started off here -
    POC that you can PWN v2

    Then it got way interesting here -
    Full blown Debian all from a modified stock image with SSH

    Now I would like to know if it would be possible to turn this work into something "Toastman"-esq ?​

    I can do all of the nerd networking, custom flashing, debricking, iPhone fixing, general whatever...

    But I am at a loss at the bad-ass-wizardry dev's that hang out here have.

    Please lets have a honest discussion about it, and if we can be civil that would be great.
    Thanks so much for all it is that all of you do to Open-the-WRT's out there for people like me to keep making great cheap, amazing, safe home built custom solutions for a world of situations.

    Your fanboy-pal-nerd-annyoing noob, who couldn't find mention of this anywhere here before.
  2. jerrm

    jerrm Network Guru Member

    Anything can happen, but I doubt we will ever see Tomato on the v2.

    Other than the name the v2 is completely unrelated to the v1. It is an entirely different platform - Marvell instead of Broadcom. Tomato has always been a Broadcom only firmware.

    The devs are looking forward to the ARM based chips, but even then Broadcom based units are all that currently released. With all that needs to be done on the Broadcom platform, I doubt the devs are giving any thought to older non-Broadcom units.

    The WRT1900AC is Marvell based and is being looked at, but it is a generation or two newer (and also ARM based). I doubt much if any of the work on it would be applicable to the E4200v2.
  3. gallegosusa

    gallegosusa Network Newbie Member

    Yeah I am pretty bummed about it, since the 4200 is still a great on the shelf option.
    I am now in the transition of using the ASUS RT-AC66U for the time being and it's not too bad.

    And I totally agree ARM is the future and I am sure in no time at all I'll look at these routers like dino's.

    But I still rock WRT54g's like a mad man too, so I thought hey if a debian environment can exist...
    Thanks for the quick reply m8!
  4. Marcel Tunks

    Marcel Tunks Networkin' Nut Member

    That chipset will not be a development target for Tomato, which is for Broadcom chipsets. The Linksys WRT1900AC thread gives some indication of what would be involved in porting Tomato to Marvell's ARM CPU even with proposed tools and support that are supposedly forthcoming from Belkin. 3rd party Marvell mipsel firmware development is unlikely to benefit from any such support from the manufacturer, and would therefore be even more difficult.

    There is minimal if any hope that dd-wrt will end up on that hardware. I don't know how much Brainslayer et al respond to financial incentives, but if you have enough devices then it may be worth a try.
  5. EOC_Jason

    EOC_Jason Networkin' Nut Member

    As others have said, the barrier is the fact it's a marvell chip and not a Broadcom or ARM.

    Also the fact that development is always looking forward with like the ac routers and other dual band...

    Honestly, I think the future is going to be ARM processors for routers...
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