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The LCD mod

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by eatfishdk, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. eatfishdk

    eatfishdk Network Guru Member

    Hi! I was thinking about adding a lcd to the router, just like:
    Mod here (translated by babelfish)

    The hardware isn't a problem, but the software is...
    How do I get it to work under DD-WRT? (i'm a hardware geek not software..)
  2. MattLL

    MattLL Network Guru Member

    I read the artical and that mod seems pretty neat......though I am not savy enough to be sticking soldering irons to the board....

    At the end of his post there is 3 downloadable files to run the lcd mod if that was what you were wondering......
  3. eatfishdk

    eatfishdk Network Guru Member


    Yes, i've seen the files but have absolutly no idea of what to do with them.. :)

    And it says the files are only for hw version 2, mine is a 3.1 (but thats problaly just the gpio adresses that may differ)..

    Oh, and my version of the mod will have backlight to the display..

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