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TinyPeap: Auth OK but no access to network

Discussion in 'TinyPEAP Firmware' started by coooly, Dec 26, 2004.

  1. coooly

    coooly Network Guru Member

    I've got a strange network that might be impossibe to make working with tinypeap.

    My network :

    WEB----(wired)----WRT54G(with TP)- - - (Wireless) - - - WAP54G (AP Client mode)----(wired)---MAC G4

    Well i've got some wireless clients who can connect successfully though Tinypeap so as the MAC G4 (but it can do anything else that auth).

    I can also see G4's mac adress in WRT wireless status.

    But... it seems thats no packets can passthrough the WAP54G (except the peap auth which works).

    So i'm asking, am i doing something impossible or not ?

    Does the WAP54G need to be auth by TP (there is no way to to that... :() to send packets to WRT54G ?

    Maybe i've miss something.
    Thanks :)

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