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Tomato AP + Guest Wifi/Vlan, no Vlan route?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by maurer, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. maurer

    maurer LI Guru Member

    Hi all,

    I've configured my Tomato rt-n16 as an AP behind my openwrt tl-wr1043nd which is configured with guest wifi through a guest Vlan ( VID 3) and subnet subnet
    I want to extend my wifi guest to the rt-n16.
    I've already setup br1 and assign it to the same Vlan 3 as the 1043.
    i can ping my rt-n16 from the 1043 but not the 1043 from the rt-n16.
    I believe the default route is to blame - as vlan 1 - subnet and def gw

    my routing table is:
    root@Mau-s:/tmp/home/root# route -n
    Kernel IP routing table
    Destination    Gateway        Genmask        Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface  U    0      0        0 br1  U    0      0        0 br0      U    0      0        0 lo        UG    0      0        0 br0
    how can i route to openwrt vlan 3 gw at router startup?
    I also want all devices connected to this vlan3 guest wifi to get ip from openwrt through vlan3.

    thanks for any suggestion !
  2. kthaddock

    kthaddock Network Guru Member

    Have you tried: Advanced =>Lan Access
  3. maurer

    maurer LI Guru Member

    thanks...but i cannot add routes in this interface.
    and i don't want to give LAN access to my guest VLAN

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