[Tomato by shibby] Optimize QoS settings for online gaming

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by drfeelgood, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. drfeelgood

    drfeelgood Serious Server Member

    Guide on how to set up built-in QoS Tomato by shibby for Gaming Rigs // low ping - max bandwidth

    I got 20mbit in download and 1mbit in upload

    I use ADSL almost exclusively for online gaming, file sharing, surf internet and youtube.

    I'm using as modem D-Link DSL320B hw:D2 fw:1.23EU with the beast Asus RT-N66U with latest build of tomato by shibby, 3 notebook connected via wifi (only N) and my gaming rig via gigabit eth
    How could I setting up QoS proper?

    I've read almost whole these tutorials found here -> http://www.linksysinfo. org/index.php?threads/using-qos-tutorial-and-discussion.28349/

    but I couldn't figure out which settings had I to touch cause parameters seemed different among tomato by shibby, is out of here a specific guide?

    Is tomato by shibby good for online gaming or have I to disable QoS built in?

    Have I to flash toastman builds and discard Tomato by shibby? Noes it seems pretty stable and powerful, only QoS hurts, into features in his site I've read ADVANCED QoS but I don't think so U.U

    I don't care about USB support, VPN and many others functionalities which may be interesting cause basically, as written above, I'm interested to other things.
  2. lefty

    lefty Networkin' Nut Member

    From what i seen so far, The QoS setup for shibby's builds isn't much different than toastman's builds, so the link for using qos and discussion would pretty much still apply, yes you'll have to read it and learn it to configure your gaming needs for you.

    As far as the difference in QoS between the 2 builds atleast to me, is that toastman's build puts alot of emphasis on the QoS function itself, allowing you to add many QoS rules and entries period, in doing so, the Bandwidth Limiter feature is a stripped down version, because you can somewhat shape bandwidth with a good QoS setup anyhow, and the 2 (QoS and Limiter) shouldn't be used together. Certain problems can and will arise if both are used together.

    In shibby's builds, the QoS system is there as it is in toastman builds but i am unsure you can add as many customized entries as the toastman builds allow, you can add a good many though as well with shibby builds.The Bandwidth Limiter feature is more extensive in shibby builds as well. I actually use both shibby builds and toastman builds and the QoS feature in either is nothing short of fabulous.
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