tomato client cannot access computers behind VPN server

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by deutschnaftula, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. deutschnaftula

    deutschnaftula Networkin' Nut Member

    here is my problem "tomato client (can ping but) cannot access computers behind VPN server

    here is my setup
    lan 1 witch i use as the vpn server

    client setup LAN is

    and on the client side only Create NAT on tunnel is unchecked
    . now i am connected, i can ping from behind the server all clients and accsess there files with the UNC path, and also from behind the client i can ping the computers from the server side BUT i cannot accsess there files i get this,
    files 123456.PNG

    im i messing somthing? is there any routing that i should do?
    if you need any more info ,just ask for it;)
  2. deutschnaftula

    deutschnaftula Networkin' Nut Member

    anyone can please give me something???????
  3. Jedis

    Jedis LI Guru Member

    I haven't been able to get VPN help either :( Though, you're using TUN, so might have better luck than I.
  4. kthaddock

    kthaddock Network Guru Member

  5. deutschnaftula

    deutschnaftula Networkin' Nut Member

    i will try it. but i whant to have site to site vpn with 2 routers

    maibe its just somthing with "iptables" my routing table on the server looks like this,


    maibe i need to add somthing like this?

    iptables -A FORWARD -i br0 -o tun21 -j ACCEPT

    iptables -A FORWARD -i br0 -o tun11 -j ACCEPT
    iptables -I INPUT 1 -p udp --dport 1194 -j ACCEPT?
  6. mcbsys

    mcbsys Networkin' Nut Member

    You posted a comment in my blog post on setting up VPN, asking for help here.

    You have a later version of Tomato than I do. I am not sure if you still need the tunnel commands.

    I notice in your first screen shot that the VPN is not started.

    In the second screen shot, you are allowing access by all clients because you do not check "Allow Only These Clients."

    In the third screen shot, my Status > Routing Table has three lines. One of them, the one you do not have, has a strange Virtual Address ( Again this could be a difference in the newer Tomato version.

    Since you can ping most of the way, I wonder if it might be a Windows firewall issue. Try turning off Windows Firewall on the source and target machines. If that helps, then you just have to open the firewall for remote file access (probably the File and Printer Sharing group). Make sure the Scope includes the remote IP range and that the Advanced > Profiles includes your active profile (Domain, Private, or Public).

    Also, try tracert to see where the ping is getting stuck.

    Mark Berry
    MCB Systems
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