Tomato -> DD-WRT repeater problem

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by backwoodsman, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. backwoodsman

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    I have an AP that feeds 2 routers running DD-WRT in wireless repeater mode. All are Buffalo WHR-HP-G54's. The AP has been running DD-WRT, and this setup has been working fine for some time.

    A few days ago I flashed the AP to Tomato 1.28 Toastman, because DD-WRT's ACK timing is broken, and no one seems to know when or if it'll ever be fixed, and that drastically reduces throughput at long ranges. It worked great at my location, which is served by a Ubiquiti Bullet in station mode -- ACK timing worked, and throughput was where it should be.

    The DD-WRT repeaters, on the other hand, choked. They connect to the AP, and hard-wired clients work fine, but wireless clients can't connect to the repeater when it's connected to the Tomato AP. If I disconnect from the AP, wireless clients connect normally; but the instant the repeater connects to the AP, wireless clients are disconnected and can't see the repeater. I flashed the AP back to DD-WRT, and the repeaters work normally again. They also worked fine a while back when I briefly had a Bullet serving as AP.

    I have no clue how this can even happen. What is it about Tomato that messes with DD-WRT's Virtual AP mode? Does anyone have any ideas where to look for the problem? I really need to get this AP fixed so I can get full speed to the whole system.

    (If Tomato had a wireless repeater mode, I'd ditch DD-WRT, which I'm sure would solve the problem; but I really need repeater mode at some locations.)
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