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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Jester_EE, Feb 23, 2009.

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    Hello Tomato Community,

    This is my first post, but I have been an avid stalker while I worked out various networking details on my Tomato install :biggrin:. On a side note, thank you to everyone for making this forum such a valuable resource to the Tomato community.

    Since I got my base Tomato install 'where I want it to be', I have started looking at some of the features on the great mods users have contributed. Like any technical forum, these answers usually range months of correspondence between authors and users as the projects develop, which for a forum is to be expected. While der_Kief has put together a killer sticky linking many pertinent threads, I would like to see it go a step further.

    While many of the projects seem to be active, there are also a number that haven't been modified for some time. I would really like to see a wiki entry, unified forum post, or some other form of documentation comparing the modifications in an easy to read fashion. While I would love to pull this together on my own to benefit the community, I feel that I don't have the enlightenment some other members do on the subject.

    So, if the rest of you approve, please post the answers to the following questions on this thread and we'll see where we wind up. If there is a good response from the modders, I will be happy to pile through the info and try and make that one-stop-shop for the community. I'm picturing a comparison chart like many of use are used to seeing when comparing Linux builds.

    Modification Objective: (Brief description on what the modification attempts to do differently than the base firmware)
    Base Tomato Version: (What revision of the tomato firmware the modification was based off of)
    Feature List: (All features - or a link to where one can find them)
    Last Modification Update: MM/DD/YYYY
    Link to files: (repository, form thread, etc.)
    Pertinent forum thread(s):
    Modification compatibility: (Verified compatibility with other tomato modifications)

    Thank you again
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