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Tomato NFS Server -> Android NFS Mount = Help please?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by CraziFuzzy, May 29, 2014.

  1. CraziFuzzy

    CraziFuzzy Network Newbie Member

    I have a NetGear NRD3500L/v2 running build 117 AIO. I have an external HDD connected to it, and it is mounting and sharing fine via Samba. I was attempting to mount this share on a couple android tablets (Nexus 7), but was hitting roadblocks in the incomplete/missing cifs implementation on the tablets.

    So, upon running a cat /proc/filesystems on the tablet, I see that nfs is included. I decide that should work well enough to get the external network connected HDD mounted into my android file system. The problem is, i know absolutely nothing about nfs, and almost that much about linux in general.

    Is there a howto somewhere on how to set up the NFS Server in tomato, and then the proper mount command to point to it from the tablet? I think I've got the share configured properly:

    /tmp/mnt/extern rw sync no_subtree_check no_root_squash

    I don't know how to verify that this is working. Is there a shell command that would show if this share is present on the router?

    mount -t nfs /mnt/sdcard/extern

    I'm getting a permission denied error here (i have root, and am running in su shell).

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