Tomato, pfSense, OpenVPN, and CUCM

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    This is a long shot but I thought I would ask to see if anyone may have run across a similar issue and may be able to point me in the right direction to find the resolution as I believe this issue is getting beyond my knowledge. I don't know if it is Tomato, pfSense, Call Manager, or a little of each.

    I am using Tomato (Shibby 116) with OpenVPN to connect to a pfSense box. On the Tomato side I have 2 Cisco 7941 phones that need to talk to Cisco Call Manager located behind the pfSense box. I have successfully configured both Tomato and pfSense to talk to each other via OpenVPN. Tomato is currently split tunnel so only the phone traffic takes the tunnel and general web traffic takes the WAN. The phones do make it to call manager and can retrieve dial plan information. I am able to dial each others extension and talk and hear from either phone. It is when I attempt to make an outgoing call or access voice mail is where the problem lives. I hear no audio but I see data going but not coming back. Attached is a screen shot from Tomato showing the state when I call phone B from phone A. .71 and .86 are the phones connected to and bytes out is good but bytes in is bad.

    I tried looking at the Port forwarding to see if that would make a difference, but any of the entries I made did not help. I did try sending all traffic through the tunnel with no change in behavior. From what I researched, it seems that what is being sent packet wise is not coming back in the expected manner.

    I also setup IPSec on the psSense box so remote users could connect directly from the computer. In that mode, the software CiscoUPC works without problem, make and receive calls with audio. I was hoping that the CiscoUPC software and 7941 phones would use a similar communication method.

    Ring a bell with anyone? Thanks for your time.


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