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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by gurgen8or, Sep 8, 2008.

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    Hello everyone, I am having some trouble configuring QOS with tomato firmware. I have read faq and many guides on how to well when running torrents and browsing web but when I tried to play Counter-Strike it was unplayable. Ping was nothing lower than 145. The guide that I mainly followed was mainly from I have same settings except I decided to bump Lowest to use 95% since Counter-Strike was lagging even when utorrent was using 70%... I can still browse web fine and when I upload something to an email my upload speed goes down on utorrent, then back up. That part works fine, but when I tried loading Counter-Strike, my upload on utorrent was not going down to give priority to Counter-Strike. Even with Counter-Strike running my upload bandwidth was all being used by Lower..or utorrent. I thought it was supposed to give most upload to Counter-Strike and limit it from utorrent so I wouldn't lag in game. I tried multiple different configurations of the outbound percentages but Counter-Strike latency was still high. When I exit utorrent my ping on Counter-Strike is super low. I have a 6000/768 connection which I set up as 5150/650 on OQS. I don't know what else to do...utorrent and bulk is set to lowest while DNS and Counter-Strike is set to high. Why still lagging and why doesn't QOS prioritize upload speed besides when emailing? Haven't tried other games or like xbox live but I suspect same thing. When I am running utorrent it is almost impossible to get low ping. What I want is for QOS to limit my utorrents upload when I turn on a game so the game has higher priority and all the upload it needs. Only when I exit the game I want utorrent to have all upload. It works fine when emailing or browsing web why wouldn't it work for Counter-Strike? So far tomato works great prioritizing download speed but not so good with upload. What can i do? Thanks.
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