Tomato recommendations for WRT54G-TM?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Tweak42, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. Tweak42

    Tweak42 Network Newbie Member

    Hi all need some firmware recommendations for a pair of WRT54G-TM (essentially a WRT54GL but with 8Mb flash 32Mb ram) I have been using them for years running SgtPepperKSU Tomato 1.27 w/VPN build. I was using the VPN for occasionally connecting to my home network from outside. Heartbleed didn't affect it since the openssl version was older.

    Connection is a 25 / 5Mbps cable modem connected to one router which is hard wired to the other that is configured as WAP. QOS is needed for Obihai Obi200 voip box as well as for downloads and video streams so as not to affect any online gaming. I would prefer to keep VPN if there is space on the newer firmware's. Only low to medium household user traffic at max, with the occasional torrent running to reseed.

    I'm not seeking to buy anything new until these die or are made obsolete if/when they become the throughput bottleneck or 802.11g being dropped from wifi devices.
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