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Tomatos under a bridge

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Mad_Dawg, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Mad_Dawg

    Mad_Dawg Addicted to LI Member

    Hi Guys

    Hoping some of you gurus can help me out here

    I run a small wisp and have been using the tomato as a gateway at a few tower locations to shape traffic and absolutely love it.... havent seen anything else that even compairs to it really ...

    My subnetting and routing knowledge is limited :eek:
    ( I know funny huh a wisp who knows diddly about routing lol )

    Anyways I have been running it as a gateway (WLAN is disabled) WAN goes to my Backhaul radio and I just port forwarding to have access to my client and AP radios configuration GUIs that are plugged into the LAN side of things

    while this works I figure there is very likely a better way to do this that would forgo all the port forwarding I am doing now

    Is it possible to configure it to run as basically a bridge (wan to lan) but still have it do some basic monitoring, traffic shaping and especially connection limits ( I have a script I found that does this and it seems to help control rampant p2p connections really really well )
    this would be ideal for me with my limited networking skills :smile:

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks & Regards


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