TomatoUSB by Shibby - Routing/firewall question

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Asctor, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Asctor

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    First of all please bear with me as i just started toying around with tomato and everything is completely new for me.
    I have a Windows 2012 VPS set up as RRAS (AD, DHCP, DNS, etc.) and i am trying to use TomatoUSB VPN Client to connect to it via PPTP. Basically the goal is to have the clients behind Tomato to register in AD DNS and be accessible from the server side. The large DHCP range is because once i get this working, the idea is to link multiple locations using Tomato routers.

    My config looks like this:
    Windows VPS WAN -
    Windows VPS LAN - / (LAN NIC is
    DHCP Scope - /
    Exclusion range -

    TomatoUSB WAN - PPPoE - IP changes on reconnect
    TomatoUSB LAN - / (DHCP enabled)
    TomatoUSB PPTP IP from Server - (Static IP set in AD DS).

    After reading all over the net, i managed to have a split-tunnel or full-tunnel (depending on Redirect internet) and be able to ping the server- (by IP and name).

    But, no matter what, i cannot get any replies if i try to reach a client behind Tomato from the server side (either by IP or Name) nor if i ping the Tomato router itself (
    I set a route on the server "route add mask if 34" using LAN interface but i get Request timed out.

    I figure i have to change something in Tomato iptables or i haven't understood how the correct route should be. If anyone has some time to guide me in an idiot-proof way i would appreciate it.
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