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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by koham, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. koham

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    I'm using TomatoVPN and it does work like a charm, thanks to SgtPepperKSU !

    Now, i'm trying to setup QOS in order to have a Vpn connection in High class, after few test, i can't find the correct set up.

    For now, i'm connected to a samba share server through vpn connection.
    I've made differents copy speed test, and set up the QOS with UDP SRC PORT : 1194 -> High on the routeur but i still get the traffic when copying in Lowest range.

    So do i have to set up the QOS on the VPN specific port (udp 1194) ? or on samba specific port (137-138 udp / 139 tcp / 445 udp-tcp) ?


  2. lanmtl

    lanmtl Addicted to LI Member

    From my personal experience, although the router and the QoS classification engine can see everyone connection that goes through the VPN, it fails to properly classify them. As a result, making any rules on samba specific ports will be very likely to fail.
    I don't know if making a rule on port 1194 would work... I'd be tempted to say no as, from my test, the QoS engine doesn't see the VPN connection on port 1194.
    I had a lot of trouble making QoS and VPN work to eventually drop it altogether.
    Sorry I can't be more helpful. If you find something, let us know!
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