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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by mkebrdle, Dec 14, 2007.

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    Alright, i guess i'll start at the beginning. First day, installed the wrt54g on my PC, used the disc, everything went well (i guess i should say i use cable internet). I had my Desktop hardwired, my PS3 hardwired and my laptop and psp connected wirelessly. Day 2, first thing in the morning desktop said may not be able to connect because network did not assign network address to the computer. No internet on anything at all (but all the lights were on the modem and router) long story short set my PC up without the router, got online, reconnected router, everything was perfect. Day 3 same thing happened, same result. problem happened again at about midnight day 4 so i got tired of changing wires around and did some research. turns out i probably need to set the MAC clone because of my cable modem (please correct if i'm wrong) so i need to go to the web based setup. CAN'T! wont take any user id and password combination of "admin". So i thought it just start the whole process from scratch (after the hard reset did nothing for me) disconnected everything started back with the install. During setup the easylink advisor cannot detect my router, so that ideas out. So here I sit connected to the internet through my router that doesn't know its there waiting to change the wires again because i can't access the web based setup to do the MAC clone. Any ideas?

    here are some ideas other forums have given me that didn't work:

    Please check is there any antivirus enable or your windows firewall turned on....
    Make sure you disable your antivirus first and turn off your windows firewall....
    After that you have to do this :

    Steps :
    1 - Open internet option > Click on Tools tab > Open Internet Option
    2 - Under General tab > Delete Cookies and Delete Files..
    3 - Under Security tab...Make sure your security level is at medium..
    4 - Under Connection tab..Make sure there is no dial-up connection in the box..Clear everything..
    5 - Under the same tab > Find LAN setting and click > Make sure there is no box with check marks...
    6 - Refresh your Internet Explorer with open a new one.


    connect only your router and computer without the modem plug in.....

    anybody got any other ideas? besides returning it and buying a different router?
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