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Topic posted on DD-WRT forum can anyone here help?

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by scriv, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. scriv

    scriv Network Guru Member

    I've got a reasonable understanding of networking principles, chillispot and dd-wrt but as it's all self taught there are some big, and possibly elementary, gaps. Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
    First: I want to edit my chilli.conf file directly rather than through the gui. I was told there was a vi editor in dd-wrt but I can't find it, I'm using v22-r2.
    Second: I've downloaded putty and connected on telnet but I can't get in. It keeps asking me for logon and then password. I thought there was no username by default on the wrt54g and you just entered a password? but it won't allow this? I've tried admin and then the password but it won't allow this either.
    Third: After I'm in I want to view and edit the chilli.conf file to change from ip radius servers to named radius servers. I understand that this will not "survive" a reboot but I want to do it anyway to check a theory. What commands do I use to do this. Sorry I grew up with dos and am therefore not used to linux comands :(
    Fourth: Is there any way to get these changes to survive a reboot and if so how?
    I know it's all basic stuff but really would appreciate some help from one of the techies here. I'm not thick just uneducated :) / scriv
  2. suggley

    suggley Network Guru Member

    LOGIN = root

    When wanting to use vi, its nice but u will need to learn some commands. so do a google for using vi. But once u are connected its a case of locateing the conf file and vi <filename>, remember its CASE SENSITIVE in linux.
  3. scriv

    scriv Network Guru Member

    Thanks for your help suggley :)
    Any takers for the last 2 questions?
    Thanks / scriv

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