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Totally Lost: WRT54GS v4, forced upgrade by Linksys from 1.1

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by AMurderOfCrows, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. AMurderOfCrows

    AMurderOfCrows Network Guru Member

    My old router never worked properly...had the Large File Transfer dropout problem, and no firmware ever fixed it....as a result, i ended up wiring my entire house instead....thanx linksys.

    sent my router for RMA. got back a v4....hell, i didn't even know they MADE a v4....so i came here for the latest and greatest.

    been thru about 7 or 8 pages, and i'm lost as all hell.

    I'm looking for the best firmware for this model, with the best tweaks and scripts.

    I've been a user of Alchemy up until i sent the router for RMA. All my settings for Alchemy were saved, but it seems that Alchemy won't work with a v4.

    Never tried any other firmware for this router. According to the chart i saw, the only choices i have are Retail, Talisman v1.05, and DDWRT v23b. I had read good things about HyperWRT, but the chart claims my router isn't compatible with it.

    Any suggestions? i'm currently struggling on a DLink 624


    Okay, went to the downloads page and found a HyperWRT compatible with v4s....but the chart wasn't updated i suppose...

    now it says in order to flash it, i have to use a MiniDDWRT, but i can't find that. anyone have a link?

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