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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by vallera, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. vallera

    vallera Network Guru Member

    hello guys
    this is my 1st post here
    and this is also my 1st time to work with wireless stuff
    a week ago i bought the wag54g v1.2 (as labeled at the back of the product)
    i didnt install it yet but i hope this wont be a problem
    i am running 2 win xp ,1 linux knoppix based and maybe 1 win xp
    but i have some issues that i want to be clear about like
    1-is the wag54g is good or should i try to get rid of it
    2-at the box there is a label "Annex-A product for use with ADSL(DSL over POTS" can someone tell me wat does this mean or could this stop me from using it. btw i live in egypt
    3-when i tried to connect with telnet the connection was refused i guess i have to use ssh plz correct me if i am wrong
    4-i have noticed that the latest version of firmware is 1.02.09 i have 1.01.6 so do u advice me to update or not
    5-wat does these mean ? Boot Version:1.4 and RF Firmware Version:
    6-about these 3rd party firmwares are there any tested firmware that will work on my model and if something goes wrong or i can access my box can i reset it in anyway or does this mean i have to go to and ask for professional help
    7-wat is the diffrenece between the wag54g and wrt54g ie. y does the wrt54g seem to be taking all the credit .
    8-wat about the security how to ensure that my network is totally secure.
    i mean wat can i do that is not written in the user guide
    9-wat is the max length for the wireless connection G and is there is another way instead of buying an AP like making an antenaa with amplifier or something of that sort
    thnx in advance :)
  2. hijglander

    hijglander Network Guru Member

    Hi Vallera,

    Although I don't have any experience with the 1.2 version I'll try to answer some of your questions:

    1. My version (version 2) has issues, but overall is exceptable.
    2. POTS = Plain Old Telephone System, so if you don't have ISDN you should be allright.
    3. I couldn't connect with telnet to the router either, it just might be not supported on this model.
    4. Couldn't say.... got a different HW and firmware version all together.
    5. Boot version = router firmware version. RF firmware version = Wireless firmware version.
    6. Linksys didn't release the firmware of this model to the public... don't know why, they just didn't.
    7. wag54g has a build-in ADSL modem, the wrt54g hasn't.
    8. Just make sure that all your PC's have a software firewall installed.
    9. Don't know...


  3. vallera

    vallera Network Guru Member

    thnx Hijglander
    for ur reply
    but i seem to have a problem
    which is the gateway losses connection to dsl
    and doesnt reconect any reasons y this happens ?
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