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Trouble setting static IP please help!!!

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by jhoy, Dec 7, 2004.

  1. jhoy

    jhoy Network Guru Member

    My OS is ME and i cant get my wireless card to acquire valid ip form my router WRT54G. Thats why i just assign a static IP under the routers lan ip segment I assign on the wireless card. default gateway and even assign the DNS i get from status page of the router and apply. But when I do WINIPCFG on my dos prompt to check the IP address I asign. It never save the manual keying I done. My wireless card doesnt appear there.... onl PPP adapter... PPP adapter VPN not my wireless card adapter... I check my device manager...And my device is working properly...I try to unistall and install it again but same...It doesnt appear when i do WINPCONFIG....
    Thanks ....
  2. BenjyD

    BenjyD Network Guru Member


    I think the main problem is that you're using Windows ME, possibly the worst operating system ever released ;)

    That said, are you rebooting between setting the static IP and checking it in ipconfig? Windows 9x/Me requires a reboot to change its IP (Because of laziness on the part of microsoft developers).
  3. jhoy

    jhoy Network Guru Member

    yes i done that worst is... when i do ipconfig my wireless card appers already but still not saving the static ip i set...is there still solution for this....

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