Trouble Shooting Steps for Intermittent Connection

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by nekton, Jun 2, 2005.

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    Nope, unfortunately, I am not posting the steps, but instead would like to know if they exist somewhere on this forum or in one of the heads those more experienced than me.

    I have set up a Linksys WRT54G v2 and two WRE54G range extenders.
    Also in the mix are a WPC54G running on a win2K laptop and a WUSB54G running on a Win98 desktop. I am not sure of the versions of the WPC54G or WUSB54G but they were purchased new within the last month (the boxes don't seem to say what version they are). I am using 128 bit WEP (the WRE54G does not support WPA to my knowledge) and am broadcasting the same SSID from each WRE54G and the WRT54G.

    The WRT54G sits in the center of the condo and the WRE54G range extenders sit on either end of the condo where the signal drops off.
    This set up works great on one side of the condo where no other wireless networks are visible, but does not work on the other side of the condo where there are at least 5 other wireless networks whose signal strength is strong enough to pick up their SSIDs.

    Not working means that my connection from either client to the range extender remains strong, but I suddenly am not able to either connect to the Internet OR get the WRT54G to give me a new IP address (all the clients are using dynamically assigned private IP addresses). I tried both an DOS ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew sequence as well as using the Linksys connection tool with no success once I have lost my connection to the Internet. Again, during this period, the signal to the WRE54G remains strong. I have swapped WRE54Gs and have determined that it the problem appears to be related to the location and not to one of those units in particular.

    I have also tried changing channels from to one that is not used by the other networks (most are using either 11 or 6 so I have tried channel 1).

    I have read that weak signals (I'm not even sure if this is my problem) or interference can be dealt with by a combination of using statically assigned IP addresses and/or changing the beacon rate from 100 to 50. I have not yet tried this primarly because I am not sure what the problem I am trying to solve is yet. I know what the symptoms are, but not the cause.

    I thought I would ask if there is a methodology to identify what and where the actual problem is before I ask the forum for solutions. Of course, if someone has both I would be much very happy too. :)

    Lastly, I have not tried using netstumbler. I have not used this tool before and am not sure if it would be helpful for this kind of troubleshooting. Is this something I should install? Is there some aspect of this tool that would give me clues as to what is causing the symptoms I am observing?


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