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Turning a WRT160N into a WAP?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by phodge, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. phodge

    phodge Addicted to LI Member

    My WAP54g running HyperWAP for several years finally died, so I saw an opportunity to upgrade to something with better security and N technology. Before purchasing the WRT160N, I read the user guide and felt like I could disable DHCP and NAT and emulate a WAP. So far, it's not been that simple. I already have a Sonicwall TZ150 firewall (FW) so don't need most of the WRT160N's functionality.

    Below is a simplistic view of my network. I have a switch hanging off the FW with two other PCs, VoIP, NAS, and a printer that are not depicted:

    CableModem > FW > WAP > Laptops & Wii

    I have static IPs for all network devices and all are mapped to MACs within the FW.

    So far, I've not come across that magical combination to turn the WRT160N into a WAP. I can access the unit's setup pages via wifi and local network, but still get an internal IP from that unit, not from the FW.

    Ideally, I want the FW to provision IPs to keep everything on the same network. Can I do that with this model?

    Thanks in advance for whatever help you can provide.
  2. phodge

    phodge Addicted to LI Member

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