two WAP54G - one AP and one Repeater?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by mc_chick, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. mc_chick

    mc_chick Guest


    i would like to set up two AP's WAP54G
    one should work as access point and one as a repeater, because there is a long distance to cover
    i configured the same SID, channel and the same WEP key, only different names.
    the laptop shows only weak signal beside the second ap (the repeater), signal is the same if i remove the second AP -> so i think it doesnt work right...

    is there any help, a little tutorial or somthing else?

  2. defibrilator

    defibrilator LI Guru Member

    You should see both AP(if in range) and repeater signal,and connect to reapeater.Security settings don't have to be same,but you have to set AP's MAC address in repeater settings.
  3. VanillaTbone

    VanillaTbone LI Guru Member

    defibrilator's reply is correct, but you could also do a little extra to get a little boost in TX power.

    I have a WAP54G v3.1 and I have just recently flashed it with the HyperWAP firmware with the power options enabled. I tell you what, I have noticed a serious increase in range of my units.

    Both Units(WAP54G v. 3.1) are equiped with Linksys 7dbi antennas and I am pushing about 1/2 a mile now. I have each unit turnes up to 200mW and I am getting a un-interrupted throughput with no packet loss. :)

    Might be something worth looking into, but you have to be very careful when flashing your units with Third-Party firmware. I have seen too many "bricked" units on these forums.

    Good Luck :)

    Look at the Image Below:

  4. defibrilator

    defibrilator LI Guru Member

    yes hyperWAP is great,I built double biquad antennas for my APs,I'm hoping to get a range of a mile or more,haven't tested it yet.
  5. VanillaTbone

    VanillaTbone LI Guru Member

    I would love to hear how that turns out and I would hope to see at least a mile with that particular setup. :)
  6. defibrilator

    defibrilator LI Guru Member

    almost a mile,some buildings are blocking my signal and i have to aim antennas better
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