Typing Things Twice?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by MiguelLavalear, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. MiguelLavalear

    MiguelLavalear Network Guru Member

    Yeah. Has anyone else had this problem:

    When you are browsing the web, sending out pings, SSH-ing or similar, you have to type the address or send the request out at least twice. The first time the rewuest complains that it cant find the server but after spamming it a few times it works. Could be an ISP thing but im not so sure.

  2. dribble

    dribble Network Guru Member

    twice, first time only?


    initially when a packet (piece of information) that is sent from your PC to the internet would have to plot the route. This is achieved by asking the Default GW where to go, that in turn looks in its routing table, if it can not find it, it would ask its neighbours. So on and so forth... (this obviously does not take as long as you think)

    Once it finds the route it will then send your data/retrieve the data from the far end. This will then be cached information which can be used for later connections.

    Hope that makes sence, if not, could you supply more details?

  3. MiguelLavalear

    MiguelLavalear Network Guru Member

    Well, I guess I only have myself to blame for such a condescending answer :D Nevermnd eh

    To be honest, theres little more I can say since i cant get much out of the router. Its one of two things, the router or the ISP. Essentially any request going out times out and has to be resent. Now im wondering if i've missed anything here. I have another issue with this router related to wireless (i.e its not rate adaptive) so im guessing the router, rather than the ISP is whats at fault.

    Im not so sure where to begin with this, so i'll describe as best as i can. Simply put requests are notoriusly random in their success. Its almost as if the connection is dropping repeatadly. Now i cant see anything in the logs for this and theres nothing to back it up so im a bit stuck. Obvious thing would be try another router but without a spare one....
  4. dribble

    dribble Network Guru Member

    no offence meant..


    sorry, didnt mean for the answer to sound like that. I was just giving you the basics, as I didnt know your level of knowledge.

    I have used the v1.2 wag54g and experienced similar problems, but not as frequently. Does the same thing happen when your are wired to the router?

    I found by dropping the connection speed of the wireless to 11mbps it stabilised the connection. If you are testing directly from the router, then if their are no line drops you are either looking at a carrier problem or at the IP level. Perhaps sending tracert and ping times to your ISP may help them pin point the problem (if its at the Ip level)

  5. MiguelLavalear

    MiguelLavalear Network Guru Member

    Yeah, the error occurs at a wired level too! The wireless, I think, is a different issue yet it means that the router aint perfect so i figured the router was to blame.

    Yeah, I should have mentioned a bit more I reckon. Nevermind. Its a darn shame since I could definately use 54 mbps. Is it me, or is this sort of thing just not on.

    Oh yes, I have Annex A Version 2 of this router. Guess they aint fixed these issues. I tried turning off the firewall, the logs, and QoS. No luck as yet. I'll give what you suggested a try.
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