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Unslug convertion is OK... but what now?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by marcelovvm, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. marcelovvm

    marcelovvm Network Guru Member

    Dear friends,

    I made the converting from LinkSys firmware to Unslug version 6.0, apparently everything is ok. But what can I do now? I want to configure the NSLU2 to do printer server, file server, and if it is possible to server DVDRW (attach DVDRW on NSLU2). How can I do this?

    I read something about connect an external hard disk at port 2, format it in EXT2 mode, and in this partition I put the files of the configuration (printer, file ...). Is this correct? How can I do this?

    I'm not newbie on Linux, but I don’t know anything about Embedded Linux.

    Thanks for help me.

  2. dannyboy1121

    dannyboy1121 Network Guru Member

    You should get all the info you need from the slug homepage:


    ... although I imagine you went there first for the firmware.

    If I were you I would search the site for the packages and instructions you need - then ipkg install them on to the slug and configure as appropriate.

    I'm sure they have print server ipkg's - you'll have to search for the rest.

    I love the whole unslinging process ... I've converted mine to run a mail server using postfix. Bought a domain - got a fixed ip - set up reverse dns etc .... hacking this box is so much fun.

    I think I'm going to set it up as a stratum 3 NTP server next so I can point all my boxes to it for time. May also look at getting a web mail front end.
  3. dannyboy1121

    dannyboy1121 Network Guru Member

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