UPDATE: Status of custom firmware on the WAG54G

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by __nbd, May 28, 2005.

  1. __nbd

    __nbd Network Guru Member

    Hey WAG54G hackers,

    I just wanted to report on the current status on making a custom firmware work on the WAG54G. z3ro managed to make a patch against standard linux-mips 2.4.17 that boots on the device. Next step will be porting that patch to the OpenWrt 2.4.30 kernel. I have prepared the OpenWrt build system to support additional hardware (by compiling images with different kernels from the same source). When the 2.4.30 kernel works, we'll make the binary drivers from the Linksys source work with it. After that, we'll probably have the full capabilities of the OpenWrt system on the WAG54G. If you want to help, feel free to join #wrt54g on irc.freenode.net. The people currently working on this are: z3ro, wbx, nbd.

    Have fun!
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    thanks for your inpu,t great to here someone is working on the WAG54G at last.
  3. hijglander

    hijglander Network Guru Member

    :D Whooohoooo....
    8O Duh!?!?!

    (Hijglander is too happy to give a normal response)
  4. DeathGhost

    DeathGhost Network Guru Member

    is that compatible with wag54g 1.x ?
  5. __nbd

    __nbd Network Guru Member

    No. The WAG54G v1 doesn't even run Linux. And until we get some reference code somewhere, there's no chance to make it work.
  6. charchabil

    charchabil Network Guru Member

    Looking forward to see it working :)

    Thanks for your work and I wish I can help but have no idea about Linux and the other things....
  7. st0ned

    st0ned Network Guru Member

    Im up for helping you guys out with this.. send me a PM if you're interested.
  8. abadius

    abadius Guest

    I'm interesting for this release, i'am use wag54gv2 in anex A and anex B, and i am interest for release better support for QoS over this hardware. ¿Can i help you?.

    Contact whit me.


    P.D.: Sorry for my bad english. I'm Spanish, can help you for translate the web interface to spanish.
  9. yannl

    yannl Network Guru Member

    Same for french needs. Just in case. I hope we can try a beta soon
  10. __nbd

    __nbd Network Guru Member

    Hey guys,

    thanks for your offers, but we're not quite there yet. The kernel almost runs (boots, still some issues with IRQ and timer stuff, drivers have to be ported) and some integration in OpenWrt has to be done, before we can deal with stuff like QoS and a web interface. A web interface for OpenWrt is currently in the making, but it may take a while until it's ready. What we really need is more kernel hackers :)
  11. __nbd

    __nbd Network Guru Member

    Hello again,

    time for another update: Today I fixed the the major showstopper for Linux 2.4.30 on the WAG54Gv2 (IRQ handling stuff). We have a working patch that makes it boot a basic root filesystem now. In other words: We're progressing nicely!
    We'll probably have working versions of the ethernet and maybe ATM/ADSL and Wireless drivers soon, so look forward to running OpenWrt on your ADSL gateway in a few weeks. Have fun!

    - nbd
  12. DeBois

    DeBois Network Guru Member

    Hi _nbd,
    I am another person who use this WAG54G v2 and looking forward to using the custom firmware (hopefully I can increase the range of the wireless coverage)

    Just want to tell you that I am an intermediate Linux user (not an expert though) but might be able to lend you a hand on working and testing on this OpenWRT.

    Please shoot me an PM and we can talk on this.
  13. mensa

    mensa Network Guru Member

    I will also need firmware to increase my wireless range.
  14. mensa

    mensa Network Guru Member

    when will this fw be released?
  15. hijglander

    hijglander Network Guru Member

  16. Ofloo

    Ofloo Network Guru Member

    great, .. i hope it will support ipv6 .. also the beta version of linksys seems to be having some pppoe problems will those be sorted ?
  17. Ofloo

    Ofloo Network Guru Member

    and maybe a wireless powerboost cause my router only reaches like 10m
  18. __nbd

    __nbd Network Guru Member

    OK. Time for a status update:
    We are really making progress with OpenWrt on AR7. There's no estimate yet when we will release alpha versions with basic routing functionality, because there's still a lot of work to do.
    We now have free drivers for both Ethernet and ADSL working with an OpenWrt rootfs on 2.4.30. In the next few days we will be working on proper init scripts and a configuration system.
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